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This is doamatto.

About me

Hello and bienvenue! My name is Matt.

I’m a high school student who loves to make software to empower others to do amazing things.

Outside of software development, I also like doing graphic design, web development, and audio/video editing. I’m slowly (but surely) picking up 3D modeling and visual effects as well. I’ve been taking up an interest in homelabbing, Linux, iPods, and jailbreaking/rooting, as well.

Business history

I’m currently working on contract as a web developer and game developer with Glitch Entertainment. In the past, I’ve worked with the following companies:

Notable works and contributions

Looking for a specific project? Check my project list →

Outside of “work” and work

In my free time, I like experimenting with hardware like Raspberry Pis and Arduinos. I also like playing sports like Ultimate and fútbol.

I’ve been getting into photography most recently as I love to capture moments that can then last forever. I currently use Instagram to “host” my picture gallery, but plan to switch to something better orientated for photography in the future. You can see some of the pictures I’ve took over time there.


I’ve done some thesis papers and other research work over time. Some of the ones I’m most proud of and that are public are:

You can find me on these sites (anything else is most likely not me):