i offer webhosting. i can only do this as long as people behave. therefore, all users must adhere to this acceptable use policy to ensure everything can run smoothly.

content restrictions

i'll be honest — i don't care what you put on your website. i'll give feedback if asked, but what's on it is ultimately your choice. that said, certain things cannot be placed on these sites, namely :

payment restrictions

unless mutually agreed, payment must be made via Zelle (U.S. only) or SEPA transfer. this is in part because it's simple for me to collect and not worry about twenty different paying apps. but also, because there's basically no "middle-man" from those apps in these processes — it's bank to bank.

unless mutually agreed as well, payment must be made in U.S. dollars (USD) or the Euro (EUR). this is because Zelle only accepts U.S. dollars and SEPA transfers only Euro. it's a crazy concept, but a notable one. any fees associated with Zelle or SEPA transfers are not included in the price and you are responsible for paying them if they arise — this includes VAT/GST as well.

should you fail to make a payment, service will persist for at least 7 days. after this time, your webroot will be removed. should you fail to make a payment after 14 days, the contents of your website will be e-mailed to you as a tarball (think ZIP files but smaller in some cases) and will be deleted from the server.

general notes

like i said before : i can only do this as long as people behave. so, there are a few more ground rules that everyone must follow :

data protection and retention

your privacy is protected to the best of my ability when you use my hosting. i log your email address and proof of payment — that's it. those who get a commission completed will have the same information stored, as well as a copy of their request and the finished project. e-mails and proof of payment is held for 3 years (the minimum allowed by the U.S. revenue service). commission requests and finished projects are stored for 3 years as well (to prove the creation of goods). those who share their phone number or other method to stay in contact with me easier will have their data stored for as long as they are actively using the service (so that I can still contact you).

the only exemption to the 3-year period is if obligated by my local authority (United States) under a court order or if you are actively using the service (so that I can still contact you). data retention will change in the future to hold e-mails, proof of payment, commission requests and finished projects for 5 years.

your data is stored with the following parties :