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Entrepruneal Endeavours

Startups and products that I have worked on or currently am working on.

Electro Studios


A multimedia publishing company focused on creators, not on making royalties.

Knox, Corp.

Former CEO

A defunct software development non-profit based around software made for people, not profit.

Hevk Digital


A live streaming and video sharing platform with fair rules and the focus on creators getting money.

Sweve Digital


A cinematography group making short videos for fun, with the aim to amuse.

Abortnut Squad


A content creator group aimed at making quality content for others, while giving creators extra benefits and more to keep growing.

Hydro E-Sports


An e-sports organizer for games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Fortnite, Minecraft Mini-Games, and more.

Rainbow Records


A music label giving more people a chance to get their music licensed and published with as much profit given to the creator as possible.

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