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This is doamatto.


There are a few ways you can contact me:

If you want to encrypt a message for me or validate that I am me3, my PGP key is 7315 13B7 6DED 8009.

For a more proper copy of my CV (or resume), you can request one via Discord, Keybase, or via email, whichever you prefer.

  1. I have linked my GitHub and Twitter accounts on Discord to help with validating the right account. 

  2. I employ certain precautions to help others ensure my emails are from me including: strict SPF records, MTA-STS, DKIM, and DMARC. If you aren’t sure if you’re actually talking to me, ask for me to sign a message with my PGP key or use one of the instant messaging services above. 

  3. If you are sending me an email that is signed with my PGP key, it may take longer for me to respond to you. For faster (even instant 😉), you should reach out to me via Keybase