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setting up your domain

Create a CNAME record for www.yourdomain.tld. that points to fuecoco.doamatto.xyz.

If you can, create an ALIAS or ANAME record that points to fuecoco.doamatto.xyz. If your DNS provider doesn't support either, create an A record that points to

creating an ed25519 key for rsync

Uploading your website is done over Rsync, which requires a SSH key. The process is slightly different platform to platform. You can see how to create a key via GitHub's documentation.

a basic Caddyfile

For those who are unfamiliar with Caddy, it may be easier to copy-and-paste a strong default. One is provided below.

yourdomain.tld {
	import secure_headers
	encode zstd gzip
	root * /home/git/yourdomain.tld
www.yourdomain.tld {
	redir https://yourdomain.tld{uri}

It's encouraged, regardless, that you learn the basics of Caddyfile's by looking through Caddy's documentation, but it is not necessary to use the service.

snippets for Caddy

When creating snippets, avoid generic terms like redirs in favour of scoped (to put unofficially) names like doamattoxyz_redirs.

To make life simpler, there are a few pre-written snippets accessible. You can read more about snippets in the Caddy documentation. These pre-written snippets are :