This is doamatto.

I spend a good chunk of money on the things I make. For good transparency, these are general expense reports:

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| Paid to | Amount Tendered | Funding Source | Purpose | | —– | —– | —– | —– | | Monstercat Gold | 60$ USD | Out of Pocket | Licensing for Twitch and YT | | Namecheap | 8.88$ USD | Out of Pocket | doamatto.xyz, |

Where’s hosting for Swift, Hydro, and Project Musique? Swift and Hydro are both locally hosted on a Raspberry Pi. It’s the most cost-effective way for the time being, but I plan to scale up as both grow. Project Musique is planned to run on a platform such as ZEIT/Vercel, Render, or Netlify. When a service is chosen, it’ll be in these expense reports.