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Privacy Policy

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I. Data Collection and Its Purpose

I collect the following data:

II. Data Sharing

I don’t share, sell, or transfer your data ever. I cannot alert users of data breaches, policy changes, or any other legal issues as I don’t collect any contact information. I also cannot respond to court orders as I do not have any data that can be linked back to any users.

III. CCPA, GDPR, and Other Privacy Clauses.

I do not collect, nor sell any personal information. I could not pinpoint your page hit and send it back to you, per a data request, as we can’t identify any page hits; they are anonymous.

IV. Do Not Track Requests

If a browser sends a Do Not Track Request, no page hit will occur.

V. Contact

You can write to hello [at] doamatto.xyz to get help as swiftly as possible on amending or fixing this document.