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Southpine Wrappers Privacy Statement

Your privacy is just as important as my privacy. And, per usual, I make it a commitment to ensure your data is handled properly and not in a privacy-friendly matter, rather a private-by-default manner.

Data Collection: I do not collect any data from any of the Southpine wrappers I have wrote. I do not employ any analytical tools that collect aggregated information. I do, however, employ a self-made error handling system that creates logs on errors and reports them to you. These logs do not contain any personally identifiable information. Logs are not automatically sent to GitHub, rather you have to manually publish them (which I do encourage so I can fix issues).

Data Transfer/Selling/Sharing: I don’t collect any data (period), so I have no data to transfer or sell. However, when you provide logs via GitHub, you are publicly publishing them. If you have an issue with this, you can also send them to me via Keybase.

Contact: You can write to hello [at] to get help as swiftly as possible on amending or fixing this document, as well as get answers to questions regarding this policy.

Policy Changes and Revisions: You can view the history of this policy via GitHub. By using the wrapper in your projects, you are affirming that you agree to this policy. If changes are made, the quickest way to know of such is to look at the link above to see what changes were made.