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This is doamatto.

PrivacySpy doesn’t have a user contribution page (I have requested the feature, though), so I made one for myself. Most of these are pending approval; one of the PrivacySpy creators emailed me saying “I just went though and published about half of your most recent policies, and will get through the final half shortly—just wanted to let you know personally that I really appreciate your contribution and that I’m doing by best to get it all published ASAP!” Hats off to Miles and the rest of the PrivacySpy team for publishing X amount of posts I’ve done.

Table of Contents

Policies I Created/Manage

Auctioning Sites

Banking Services

Calendar/Contacts Services

Concert Services

Domain Services

DNS Providers

Email Services

File Hosting

Language Learning Tools

Health Services

Miscillaneous Services

Note Taking Services

Online Stores

Payment Processors

Podcast Fetchers

Project Management Tools

Search Engines

Social Services

Streaming Services

Telecom Services

VPN Services

Policies I Contributed