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1 min readJanuary 18, 2021


Started designing

This is my first wallpaper pack, and I'm already having a smashing good time with doing this up for you guys.

December 15th, 2020


December 14th, 2020

I have this addiction, so to speak, of changing wallpapers. I love seeing something new everytime I turn on my tech. Wanting to give myself some new variety, I did up my first wallpaper pack: Nami.

Nami (which means "Waves") is a set of 10 different coloured and organic waves. Over almost a week now, I've been working on crafting these to be have great colours and a unique look.

I'm not one for asking for lots of money, even on something as simple as wallpapers. So, this pack is PWYO (pay-what-you-want) with a minimum of 1$ USD. This lets me still get a little something for my work, while still leaving it open to people who might buy the pack to spend whatever they feel it's worth.