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Matt’s Pretty Okay Reading List

I’ve read a good chunk of books and articles. I figured I’d recommend the good ones to whoever wants to see some good reads. This is that list. Quick note that the book links go to Goodreads. Until I think, find, or make a better solution to show all of the book stores on and offline that you can pick up the books, I will be using it. Feel free to let me know of alternative solutions.

1984 - Orwell, George

Orwell’s 1984 is one of my favourite reads ever. My main love for it comes from the extra set of eyes showing the truth behind what we have today in the US (and around the world pursuant FVEY 1 and SSEUR), horrible privacy invasions. From its characters to its descriptive environment, it’s great. Here’s a nice slide-show.

Animal Farm - Orwell, George

Another solid book from Orwell, Animal Farm literally just takes politics and turns everyone into the animals they are… literally. Dictators are depicted as pigs. I would say the comedy behind just imagining how this would play out in a Hollywood film would be enough to sell me on this book. But, as usual, Orwell delivers his usual one-two punch of giving you a great story and the cold hard truth: we need to change the world we live in.

I’m currently reading Mirror’s Edge: Exordium by Emgard, Christofer (I loved the Mirrors Edge games) and Permanent Record by Snowden, Edward.

  1. My computer defaults to the French version of Wikipedia. When something doesn’t exist there, I manually check the English version. A bit of a pain.