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This is doamatto.

I’m currently working at Glitch Entertainment, an indie game studio that makes some pretty cool things. I work as the web developer and the lead online developer. I worked on Southpine’s API, SDK, as well as the game itself, which means these wrappers are about as official as they get.

Note: some of the source or package URLs will not work because they are either private or do not exist yet.

SouthNode / SouthJS

SouthJS is a Node.js and JavaScript (with the power of Webpack) wrapper. It’s as lightweight as possible (the package size hasn’t been calcualted yet) and only has one dependency (being node-fetch, used for contacting with Glitch’s servers). It supports all of the player API endpoints.

Source Code | NPM Package

Vanilla JavaScript Libraries:

- RawGit CDN:
- jsDelivr CDN:
- doamatto CDN:


SouthPy is a Python wrapper. It supports all of the player API endpoints, all while maintaining a low-overhead (package size not caluclated yet).

Source Code | pip Package