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Mallow v0.2 launched today, if you still use that

2020/07/01 - Written by doamatto

Mallow v0.2 released today with a lot of updates, bringing features from Nano and improving the overall accessibility of the site. Regardless, the end of it’s life is here.

Mallow v0.2 released today and oh boy is it a doozy. It brings a lot of features from Nano, the actively developed Jekyll theme that I use on this site, as well as general nice to have improvements.

For one, all the analytic supports from Nano has been brought over using my new Jekyll wrapper here (I silently released this and use it with just about every site I make using Jekyll). Among this addition comes all of the other features from the new wrapper such as better SEO support, a very strict and hardened CSP, and a more uniform config file, meaning it’s easy to go from Mallow to Nano.

Which is a really conveienent bit because Mallow v0.2 is the last version to every come. The repository was archived recently, as well as a disclaimer in the Readme of the repo basically telling you to use anything else if you care about mobile users. Obviously, the reocmmendation is to move from Mallow to Nano, as the config files are very similar (thanks to the new framework).

Regardless of the new EOL status, I am starting to work on a new design that’ll be bigger and bolder, while still staying lightweight and nice and fast coming in the near future.

You can read the full changelog for v0.2 on GitHub

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