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Nano v0.3 is Here with Blogging Support

2020/06/04 - Written by doamatto

Nano v0.3.0 is here and now, among many other things, has support for blogging!

Since day one, Nano was a project to make a clean, fast, and mobile-friendly Jekyll theme that people could easily use and deploy themselves. When I first released the gem on RubyGems, I was amazed to see the downloads skyrocket to 100 in the first day. Now, as of writing, Nano is at a little over 1500 downloads on RG, and I realised I still need to deliver on two crucial things:

Well, with the release of Nano v0.3.0, I’m happy to announce blogging being here on Nano. You might wonder: why’d it take you so long? There are plenty reasons I could say, but I’ll keep it narrowed to the cold hard truth: I just didn’t realise the importance of Jekyll for blogging until recently. When I was personally setting up the newsroom section on my website, I realised it was such a clunky and crappy solution.

Fortunately, I made the theme I used (which is this theme), and decided I’d finally get to work on adding blogging support. I did my utmost best to document it to the best of my ability and make it as painless as possible to deploy into sites using this theme.

You can read the full changelog via GitHub’s releases page here.

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