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Nano hotfix v0.3.1 and v0.3.2 are out!

2020/06/12 - Written by doamatto

Nano v0.3.1 and v0.3.2 are both hotfixes for the Jekyll theme that should fix a lot of the day zero bugs with v0.3, as well as improve performance and security.

Nano v0.3.1 brings a hotfix to fix the content of the page not centreing properly, as it should. Nano v0.3.2 is, however, the big update that you should go to (unless you use Fathom Analytics’ custom domain support; more on that later). It brings support for analytics to blog posts, improves CSP (which helps prevent malicious scripts and stylesheets from being loaded onto the page), minimizations, as well as a ton of bug fixes from v0.3, including verification metas not working, CSP issues with the standard Fathom Analytics (not with a custom domain), and link hover colour shifting.

However, Nano v0.3.2 comes at one downside (which may be big for some but very small for others). Nano v0.3.2 removes support temporarily for Fathom Analytics’ custom domain support. There were a lot (and I mean a lot) of issues that I need to fix with this tool, as well as other JavaScript-based analytic tools due to CSP and other issues. I hope to bring back script-based analytics for deeper analysis for people who use and need them in v0.3.3 or in a hotfix (which is more likely) in v0.3.2.1.

If you don’t use Fathom for analytics or you don’t mind going without it, you can update to v0.3.2 today via the release on GitHub or via the gem on RubyGems.

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