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Nano v0.3.3 is out: time to update!

2020/06/14 - Written by doamatto

Nano v0.3.3 launched today, bringing several crucial improvements and bringing back custom Fathom Analytics support.

Nano v0.3.3 brings several fixes and improvements to fix issues with headers having HTML in them and causing the text to go to two lines (this happened on my site ;-;), allowing more screen real estate to be used on desktops, and reducing the amount of fluff on both the computer building the site and when hosted.

The big addition in v0.3.3 is, however, the hardened CSP and return of custom domain support for Fathom Analytics users. This means users of Fathom Analytics can update from v0.3.1 and get the changes that came in v0.3.2 and other fixes in v0.3.3. The hardened CSP strictly limits down to the script name and only allows the scripts for the analytics tool in use rather than all of them. This is a big change and a big imrpovement overall.

You can update to v0.3.3 today via the release on GitHub or via the gem on RubyGems.

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