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Nano v0.3.4 bringing in some more great features.

2020/06/19 - Written by doamatto

Nano v0.3.4 launched today, bringing lots of improvements and bug fixes, as well as support for Plausible Analytics.

I’m having the equivalent of iOS 13 with Nano right now: a lot of updates to fix a lot of issues. But, end of the day, it’s worth it. Nano v0.3.4 is here to bring in more fixes to some issues, improved security, and improvements to miscilanneous perks of Nano like SEO.

Support for Atom feed generation comes with v0.3.4, which means you can now subscribe to the feed (here) and get notifications automagically in the feedreader of your choice.

If you remember the layout prior to v0.3 that I had for the newsroom, you might have preferred that on Nano to the newer look. Well, you can now go back to the classic look via the config file. The config file has also been minimized to have less comments and with links straight to the wiki pages (which are very detailed, if I do say so myself).

On top of all that, support for Plausible Analytics and the custom doamin feature has been added. With this also came what I’ve been dubbing the “Super hardening” for CSP, which you can read more about here.

On the side of it all, bug fixes and other graphical issues have been resolved and now the site is all perty. Give me 2 days and another bug fix will probably be here because, knowing me, I’ve probably forgotten to fix a lot of bugs I didn’t notice at first.

Tags: Updates and Nano. Subscribe to the Atom feed.