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This is doamatto.

Nano v0.4.0 is here and is ready to chew bubblegum and kick ass.

2020/07/03 - Written by doamatto

And Nano is all out of bubblegum.

Y’know, the people who use Nano have yet to seize to amaze me. As of writing, the nano-theme RubyGem is at over 2,500 downloads. It’s awesome to see how so many people are using Nano. Thanks for helping support Nano and (although I’d prefer it in GitHub as issues) for emailing me all your feature requests and bugs.

Now, enough of the thanks: we all know you’re here to see what’s the latest and greatest in Nano v0.4.0. And, as every other v0.X.0 update, it’s a doozy.

To start, blogging got a large overhaul. You can now use categories to sort your posts (I plan to add by Month-Year in the future). You can enable this feature in the config file. Amongst that addition were some nice quality of life changes:

Apart from those changes, support for tables are officially here.

Column A Column B
Row 1 Row 1
Row 2 Row 2
Row 3 Row 3

They took me awhile to do as they were a little hard to design to make it look nice on both light and dark theme while keeping a similar colour pallete.

Apart from tables, support for task lists was added, as well as better support footnotes, definition lists, and images.

Some smaller peace of minds that were added:

Apart from that, that was some of the new things in Nano v0.4.0. You can install it today via RubyGems or read the full changelog via GitHub.

  1. When categories are disabled in the config, this link stays. The tags are normally with it when categories are enabled 

  2. Nested code blocks have a padding of .5vh on the top and bottom and 1vh on the left and right. Inline codeblocks go from .5vh to .25vh and 1vh goes to .5vh

  3. Previously, I used max-device-width in media queries to set mobile views and desktop views apart. However, this is discouraged and, for that reason, I switched it to the max-width instead. 

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