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Nano v0.5.0 bringing better variable fonts, improved sitemaps, and more.

2020/07/21 - Written by doamatto

Nano v0.5.0 just launched and boy, oh, boy does it have a lot of changes.

Once again, you guys have shocked me. In the span of about 18 days, yet another 600 downloads has happened for Nano. It’s absolutely bananas and I appreciate all the support for Nano and the feature requests.

v0.5.0 brings oh-so-many things to the table. One of the first things is at the top of this page: the Black Lives Matter ribbon banner. It was designed to look clean and simple and has already been adopted by some of mates.

Blockquotes are also now very nicely formatted and look amazing. The side ribbon helps keep the general look for a blockquote people are used to.

What you probably aren’t used to is the new support for syntax highlighting. Using Gruvbox, Nano now has proper syntax highlighting that looks amazing.

console.log("Syntax highlighting!");

Some other new things are:

A lot of bug fixes also came around to help ensure things were running smoothly, as well as some design tweaks that’ve allowed things like footnote text to look smaller and more readible at the same time (same things with links).

One of the biggest fixes was in f19a144 which fixed links from going invisible on hover. Not to mention the fixes to allow links that you hovered on to ease-in, but also (finally) ease-out. Now links won’t snap off the background, allowing a much better look and overall feel to links as a whole.

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