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SouthNode v0.1.0 is here (even though the API isn't).

2020/07/03 - Written by doamatto

SouthNode v0.1.0 is out now and is the first unofficial (but closest to official) Node.js and JavaScript wrapper for Southpine’s Player API.

SouthNode, also known as South.JS, launches v0.1.0 today, introducing the first unofficial Node.js and JavaScript wrapper for the Player API in Southpine, Glitch Entertainment’s upcoming horror RPG. The Player API is meant to allow developers to create tools to access and assess data from players (if that wasn’t too painfully obvious). It introduces a few endpoints, as well as some rich data to be provided back to the end-user.

The only downside, as of writing, is that the Southpine’s Player API hasn’t been released yet. The obvious reason behind this is because the game is expected to launch in the forth quarter (or Q4) of 2020. I’ve been able to have the pleasure to be the lead developer on Southpine’s API, SDK, and the online functionality of the core game, which enables me to do make releases such as this one a bit early to help build a titbit of hype™.

southnode is now on NPM and is avaliable via RawGit, jsDelivr, and my personal CDN. You can learn how to build it, view the source, see how to use it, and more all via the repo here.

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