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5mLoading levels up to v0.2.0

2020/07/24 - Written by doamatto

5mLoading version 0.2.0 is better than ever with new background options, faster music loading, and an overall better experience.

5mLoading has evolved majorly since I started working on it, and even more since v0.1.0. With v0.2.0, there are two new awesome backgrounds: a rainbow gradient that fades through the colours and a new carousel. The carousel looks amazing and is preloaded with some gorgeous screenshots straight from FiveM (I had NaturalVision installed).

Screenshot of 5mLoading v0.2.0 using the new carousel feature

Among the new themes, comes a lot of cool changes such as the gutting of jQuery, the fixes with the clock not having the right amount of zeroes, and a severe performance boost in the loading speed of Soundcloud (I measured about a second improvement over v0.1.0, but you’re mileage may vary; caching was disabled).

Overall, it’s a solid update and, with v0.3.0 planned for next month, a new loading bar and the estimated time until loaded feature seems to be right up there with what’s to come.

You can install it today via GitHub, as well as check the source code too. If you like this loading screen, consider starring that repo and following me on GitHub to see the new and exiciting projects I work on over time.

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