i offer webhosting via basic rsync. you build your site, bring a Caddyfile, i host it.


webhosting is provided free of charge.

link-in-bio services is provided free of charge and includes a domain (https://yourname.lmao.ch).

email forwarding and mta-sts hosting is currently in private beta. it will be released at no cost.

web development commissions start at 10 USD/EUR (for those I know) and 20 USD/EUR for everyone else. read more here.

you need a domain to use most of these services. if you do not already have a domain, i recommend getting one from cloudflare or namecheap. "free TLDs" are not allowed.

when you make your decision, contact me at heyy [AROBASE / AT SIGN] maatt.fr or reach out to me directly. you will be asked to agree to the acceptable use policy.