i offer webhosting via basic rsync. you build your site, bring a Caddyfile, i host it.

the main appeal of hosting with me as opposed to another service is one of two things : the feel-good feeling of supporting a team of one running a server and working on whatever i'm working on ; and, the ability to have a real human with a real phone number and real email that goes to that human to make sure everything is working properly.

you can see the list of what is currently hosted on my servers at their respective IP webpages :


webhosting and commissions is offered at two price points :

if i know you, you pay nothing for webhosting and get 25% off your commission. you are welcome to throw money my way to pay for the server, but there is no need — i can pay the bills on this. commissions are payable via Zelle (U.S. only), SEPA transfer, or paper currency (USD, EUR, CHF ; in-person hand-off only).

if i don't know you, you pay 10 USD or 10 EUR per year for webhosting. commissions are at full price. this is payable either via Zelle (U.S. only) or via SEPA transfer.

commissions start at 10 USD or 10 EUR, payable via Zelle or SEPA transfer. prices go up based on the complexity of the design. there's no fixed scale and negotiations are possible.

if you cannot do either of these, you can contact me below to ask for an alternative method, however the odds are i will not provide hosting regardless.

when you make your decision, contact me at sys [AROBASE / AT SIGN] maatt.fr or reach out to me directly. you will be asked to agree to an acceptable use policy and will have service starting from the first payment and ending 7 days after your last payment.